With Cast It narrowcasting you can easily communicate and interact through the cloud with your target audience at any location. You create as it were a private television channel with, for example, news, offers, environmental information, video, social media, routing and comments of your audience.

The benefits of Cast It narrowcasting

With the interactive features of Cast It you involve your audience in a fun way with your brand, product or service. It is also possible to use the screen of mobile phones and tablets as a second screen, allowing people for example to take a message or additional information with them. Of course, all concepts of Future Forward are future proof: we follow developments in the ICT and media sector closely and adjust our concepts on an ongoing basis.

Narrowcasting for everyone

Narrowcasting, also known as digital signage, offers many opportunities for both small business and multinationals. For several sectors we have developed tailored solutions: for the industry we have apps to promote security, for the real estate sector digital signage can be used to support the facility management and in healthcare Cast It seems a gain in the waiting area. And think, as a service to visitors, for example for the catering sector at HotelTv, for sports clubs at GolfTv, etc.

More info about digital signage?

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