Touchscreens is the developer of touchscreen software based on existing concepts and customized solutions. Additionally, provides for the installation and implementation of hardware. also offers the possibility to rent touchscreens for temporary installations for an exhibition or event. Further, various services concerning touchscreens are offered, such as formula styling, content creation and consultancy & advice.

Interactive with touchscreen applications

Touchscreens and interactive media can be used in many productive but also fun ways. Touchscreen concepts provide a richer experience for the visitor, customer or employee. Besides giving a nice experience, the extra interactivity of touchscreens is often more convenient to convey a lot of information.

Touchscreen concepts for various industries

Because each branch has its own character, we have developed several applications for various sectors. Think of special concepts for industry, catering, event planning, real estate, retail and museums.

Existing touchscreen software and custom solutions

We have inter alia touchscreen software developed in the field of digital signage, digital signage boards and wayfinding, corporate security, city marketing, digital shopping and entertainment.

You can always call or email us for a personal interview to see what the specific options are for your concept or situation.

More info?

Do you want to know more about touchscreens, and how we can increase the success of your business? Please feel free to contact us. Call +31 181 413112 or mail to

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