City marketing

CityDotz is an innovative and interactive service in the field of city marketing, which combines up-to-date information with the sale of tickets and a wifi hotspot. This mix makes CityDotz the ultimate kiosk for tourists.

The benefits of city marketing with CityDotz

Due to the user-friendly online management system, your information is always current. The touchscreens give your visitors a clear overview of relevant issues, they can directly buy entrance fees and it is possible to print these. Of course, the kiosk is also a wifi point. In addition, CityDotz' city marketing touchscreens are often placed at busy locations, making it an interesting medium for advertisers.

More information?

Do you want to know more about CityDotz, and how city marketing can increase the success of your business? Please feel free to contact us. Call +31 181 413112 or mail to

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