A beacon is a bluetooth transmitter that, coupled with an app, can send messages and start actions. Beacons (iBeacon or Eddystone) allow you to send messages via an app to smartphones and tablets that are in the vicinity of the beacon. You can think of sending offers at the moment a customer walks past a certain product.

Why beacons

The use of beacons has many advantages, for example in the field of location based marketing, analysis and in-store navigation. Also your visitors, which eventually have to download an app and need to authorize the use of their (location) information, take advantage of the opportunities offered by beacons.

Applied beacon technology

There are many applications possible in many industries. Think of the retail sector, shopping centers, museums, events, the hospitality industry and possibilities in the field of home automation. With all applications, the user privacy must of course be guaranteed. Furthermore, it is important that everything fits: the right action at the right place, no spam, etc.

More information?

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